A 26 years old youth, also known as YOUNG SCORPION, a resident of Kasonga village block 65 in the settlement of Kyangwali, claims to have written songs and has also recorded some though he hasn’t released any yet to the audience. The musician whose true names are Mark Emilio (Young Scorpion) came up with a crew of three members known as “DOVE Entertainment”. The DOVE Entertainment has got talented youth who believe in what they do. SILVANO(MBIDDA BIDDY) and LUPAI(E-GENDA) aged 23 and 21 respectively are the young members of the DOVE Entertainment and both live in Kasonga village

In 2005, Mark joined his primary at Kasonga where he attained his primary education. Mark was not aware of what he loved to do and for all these years before 2008 he was just focused on his books so he could get good results in classes as he was expected by the people at home. In 2009, he realized that he was in love with music out of his concept. He mostly listened to songs by Jose Chameleon, who he says was his role model in the years he had already known music. He started practicing Dr. Jose’s song lyrics and more songs from other artists such as Goodlyfe, where during these times he took himself to be in the footsteps of these singers he loved and followed by then. Mark continued to love music until he developed passion and started setting on becoming a singer.

When Mark was at Kasonga primary school, he did not have hopes of getting support to pursue his musical career since it was very difficult to connect with musicians and get the necessry experience in the music industry. And the school itself had no music classes hence finding it very difficult to make his dream come true. As he continued studying, he didn’t give up as he had set his dream of finishing his primary education at Kasonga in 2011.

When Mark joined secondary school, he got an opportunity of travelling to an urban school, where he met different young youths who shared the same dreams. Mark joined Duhaga SS in 2012 in Hoima town where he studied and completed his form 5 in the year 2016. In this same year, he started writing and composing songs at the same time he was doing his career practices and so did not record any song at the time.

Mark Emilio, a Kyangwali Refugee settlement local artist aka Young Scorpion.
Young Scorpion | Kyangwali's upcoming musician

In 2017, Mark travelled from Hoima town back to Kasonga, Kyangwali after he completed his A’level. When he reached the settlement, he had gained experience in songwriting and composing more than he was before he joined secondary school. He stayed for long though he didn’t put his head down so he continued with practices and then later he heard that there exists a music producing studio in the camp, he took a task to find where it’s located and he later found it. He advised himself to take some voice recording test in the studio and he did it and recorded his first song which inspired him in the first place. In this same year, he wrote and composed very many songs with the purpose of recording to the standard of releasing the song to the public and he successfully recorded a song at GRIND RECORDS studio which was released in 2018 and played by almost all the video libraries in kasonga trading center. As he was recording this song, he met some other two guys who were interested in the kind of music he was working on and asked if they could join him. He signed them and they formed a crew which was then called DOVE Entertainment, only for the three of them. They later composed a song as a crew and they all played their parts in a very correct way.

Mark says he still looks to sign new singers with both interest and talent. He has an ambition of helping some youth who have gotten talent in music. For now, all he wants is to get his crew up to five members, four boys with a female.

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